Our Customized Nova-Orange Style

  • Hi Dagalidis,

    sorry that your thread seemed to pass unheeded, but that was just due to work ("EasyRating" took ist toll) and taking care of all those minor issues, turning out to become major issues. ;) Nevertheless, I wanted to pop in and leave at least a couple of comments on your customized "Nova"-design.

    Well, you really did a great job in trying to match the original website by MIUI and it's certainly unique. All those colors simply have to tempt users into uttering something like *Uhhhhhhhh* and I like the kind of blurrend background image a lot. :)

    There are just some trifles I'd like to question and maybe you feel like discussing respectively testing it?

    1. Orange as the basic color is a creative and spirited choice, I wouldn't change that. However, considering the color in the context of the background image as well as the white tone of the forum, it appears a bit gaudy, don't you think? The crucial difference between the MIUI website and yours can be detected in the slightly saturated orange tone and the non-white backgrund color at MIUIs. There, the reduced colors match perfectly, so I'd argue we could try the same for your website?

    In case you thought so, too, there's two ways to tackle that. If you want to stick to the combination of orange and white, try to reduce the orange nuance a bit, turning it more to apricot. In case you love the orange tone like that, then stick to it and switch from pure white to a sand-colored variation. How do you feel about that?

    2. The grey-colored pop-up box on entering the page as well as the Cookie-information in the footer don't fit the color scheme perfecly. The contrast ist rather striking, so why not considerung either blue or leaving it in a transparent manner, analog to the guest-header?

    3. Those two buttons within the sidebar seem to be a little neglected, regarding an eye-catching color, don't you think?

    Why not applying blue, one of the colors that MIUS's also using? By using a different color people can notice the difference (regular buttons vs. special buttons) and the website can underline its close proximity to MIUI.

    4. No offense, but within threads there's a bit too much color for my choice. Take a look at that:

    Browsing the contents is rather hard as you can't detect what's important or not: everything seem so be "somewhat" important. At least that's suggested by various colors. I'd stick to 2-3 colors in general, otherwise we're a bit too girly-like. ;)

    5. Consider the color of the label upon the background color within the sidebar filter:

    Nuances of one color in such a close proximity often don't underscore each other, but it could turn into a slight "overkill". Contrasting elements ensure differences, can be used as eye-catchers and ease strict color schemes.

    6. When trying to register or log in, you'll detect this small kind of "half-button", could you check on that?

    7. Maybe a bit of an update could be used here?

    8. When the sidebar is enabled, a letter ist missing within the download list (the same applies to the bugtracker list):

    Maybe one or the other hint comes handy? In case there's a question or you want to discuss your website in a more detailed way, just let me know or feel free to stop by here.

    Thanks for sharing your work with us und showing your orange way of website life. :)

    Regards by