​EasyRating v2 (WCS 3) is now available

  • Hello,

    EasyRating version 2 is now available. This version is only valid for WoltLab Community Suite (WCS) 3.0 and also doesn`t include any new features compared to version 1, which is still valid for WCF 2.1.

    As with EasyMedia, an upgrade for EUR 14,90 can be purchased by existing customers.

    An upgrade to version 2 can only take place via the license management! Link: cls-design.com/shop/index.php/LicenseList/

    This version is a RC version as the importer was newly added. Thus, please consider the issue of a backup extra seriously!! :)

    Further details regarding the upgrade/data import can be found here: The Link will be added soon. The HowTo needs to be placed in its forum first.*(only for existing customers)
    * Hint by Gabbid

    The support takes place exclusively here: EasyRating

    Demo: dev87.info/showroom/easyratingv2/easyrating/

    To ensure a clear classification with respect to the questions/problems, the version numbers are offered by means of labels.

    Have fun! :)