Questions about the theme addons

  • Hi

    I have some questions about the theme addons:

    1. Without the update access, the theme will stop being compatible with the first upgrade of the script to a new sub-version? Can we purchase upgrade access at a later time or do we have to re-purchase the theme if we haven't purchased upgrade access a the beginning?

    2. Why do the themes have an installation service? Are they difficult to install? I have used IPB so far and I'm unfamiliar with WBB. When purchasing the theme, do we get any installation instructions included?

    3. What does "adjustment of the included logo, based on your forum" mean in the Expansion Package?

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    we apologize for the late reply.

    1. The update-access is only for major-updates necessary and can be purchased at any time later. See also here:
    2. The installation is equal to plugins, just upload and hit install, done.
    3. This is here explained:

    Some people don't want to deal with technical issues, so we also offer installation- and logo-service.

    Regards Tom