Help with Custom Design for WoltLab Game Development Community

  • Hi there,

    I've just purchased the entire product suite of WoltLab and they suggested I contact a designer over here who can help me bring my project to life.

    Here's what i'm trying todo:

    A bit about me: I teach game development with Unity on Udemy, an online market place for courses and I partner directly with Unity Technologies to create official courseware. I have a community of over 11,000 student game developers and i'm trying to build this ultimate community website for them.

    Purpose of the site :

    I want students to have purpose and reasoning for coming to GameDevJon is suppose to be a site for game development news and resources (my courses). I’d like to expand it to combine the functionality of Gamasutra (indie game reviews and MOST IMPORTANTLY user blogs) In Game development, it’s important for students to document their journey, write tutorials, etc. Users can maintain a blog, and also on their profiles, will be a portfolio page where they can host a gallery of their projects. Basically, combining the site with Behance. Great example of a users portfolio on my site should look like this: forums are for community engagement and discussion. Great for support threads.

    My Ideal Landing Page Designed Towards Game Development and Selling my Courses but also having Blogs/articles on the home page.: -- It’s just a super high quality home page. I love it!

    User Blogs -- the ability for user blogs. I’d like to have a section where you can read all user blogs. Also have the option to feature on the home page.

    On the profile page of the user, it should display their blog posts, and also their portfolio of projects. I’d like it to look like a Behance profile:


    Community Game Jams For Prizes

    The Domain: was designed to be used for a game jam site. This may or may not be integrated into the above stuff.


    Home Page:

    • Similar to

      • Rotating Banner Display - Used to advertise courses
      • Sign Up for Discounts -- Collect emails. Flashy sign up form
      • Top News Section(This could be game dev resources, Latest blog post, latest game review)
      • Top Games Section (This could be removed?)
      • Footer - relative footer links

    User Blogs Page:

    User Profile Page:

    • -- Love everything about this.

      • Clearly shows the projects he’s worked on.
      • Has his profile information on the left.
      • Has two tabs. Projects | appreciated

        • Change appreciated to blog

          • When selected, it displays that users blog

    Forum Page:

    • I’ll create message boards. In terms of design -- ???

    I'm ultimately looking for assistance in designing this thing. Am I in the right place? If not, could someone please direct me with whom i should contact.

    Thank you!


    Jonathan Weinberger
    Skype: SubZeroGaming