Here we go...Computer Forum

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    • Here we go...Computer Forum

      Since I'm a computer nut, I've always wanted to create and run a computer forum. I Know there are tons of communities out there for computer enthusiasts, but this is something I wanted to do regardless. I'm doing this as a hobby, but hope that the forum attracts enough interest to make it worth the effort.

      Here is the link:

      Here is a list of some of the things I still have to do:
      • add descriptions to each forum
      • add more software titles
      • add more files
      • configure custom user fields
      • create some site instructions in the FAQ (renamed to How-To)
      I know some people don't like a long list of forums, but after observing some very successful computer communities, I decided that the amount of forums is necessary.

      Any suggestions would be much appreciated. :)
    • Changed the style to something more broad on the screen. Styles that have the main page in a container with some background showing on the side is too distracting. I also designed a new logo and added some forum icons. Not really sure if I'm going to keep the icons or not.

      I'm considering adding a more personalized favicon.