Not able to purchase

  • Hello,

    I tried to purchase the Nova style with credit card but after entering the credit card details and proceeding with the payment I get this error code: 824644b090fc596cb1b69fb5c2ec84494b500b1f

    I have also emailed Tom regarding a separate issue concerning my old account


  • I have just noticed that the payment went through 3 times on the following orders:




    if you could please cancel 2 of the 3 orders for me.

    Although I have purchased it 3 times I still have no access to it.

    all the best


  • Tom

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  • Hi,

    i have canceld A-1911012220 and A-1911012221 and will send your money back. Sorry for the circumstances, there is a bug in the shop system which the manufacturer has to fix.

    I'll take a look at the mail right now.

    Regards Tom