EasyMedia v5.3 now available

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    The function update for EasyMedia - the extensive media management - based on WoltLab Suite 5.2 / 5.3 is now available in the shop.

    As is usual with our products, existing customers also have a discounted upgrade option.

    An upgrade to version 5.2 takes place exclusively in the license management! Link: cls-design.com/shop/index.php/LicenseList/ (select the correct license and expand it)

    Licenses acquired after October 1, 2020 were automatically upgraded to version 5.2.

    New versioning:

    • In the past, compatibility was indicated in the title of the respective version. From now on (starting now with EasyMedia) we will orientate ourselves here on the suite versioning. The version indicates which suite version is the minimum requirement.
    • We will still not update every suite version with a paid update.
    • Unless there are serious reasons in the respective new suite version, we will support at least the two most current versions of the suite.

    The changes to version 2.1 (required module):

    • Albums that only contain videos are now previewed in forum topics
    • In addition to the total number of images, a time-controlled limitation of image uploads (on this day, this week, this month)
    • Duplicate videos -> better checking and optionally preventing the same videos (e.g. from Youtube)
    • Video channels now support filtering for terms in title and description
    • Trophy-system has been integrated
    • Input field for author of images
    • Video channels now recognize existing videos and mark these videos as part of the channel (if same user)
    • Optimization of preview graphics from video portals
    • The search in the editor dialog for images / videos has been optimized and now also recognizes search terms within the title
    • Label support for images and videos (for filtering in the listing or display on the detail page)
    • Media in the video description (automatic transfer from video portals such as YouTube) can now only be displayed as links if desired
    • The comment system now corresponds to the WoltLab Suite> = 5.2 -> smileys etc. are now possible
    • Twitch integration as a native provider (add video, read out video channel)

    Update from Version 2.1:

    • WoltLab Suite 3.0 / 3.1 in use: the suite needs to be upgraded to version 5.2, after which EasyMedia can be updated
    • WoltLab Suite 5.2 in use: EasyMedia can be updated without any additional steps
    • The separate Sitemaps plugins (if installed, for EasyMedia basic package, images and video) must be uninstalled beforehand. Are now directly integrated.

    In addition, some visual changes have been made, but also cleanups of old backward compatibility files have been removed.

    At this point, thank you again for all the suggestions! :)

    Questions about/before the purchase can be asked here: Questions about the purchase

    New Showroom for Applications and Plugins: https://www.code87.net/showroom/ws53/easymedia/

    Currently only for EasyMedia v5.2, further demo content for other products will follow.

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    Update: Version 5.3 of EasyMedia is now available for download. With this version the minimum requirement of the suite is increased to 5.3.x! For Suite 5.2 users, the last available version is 5.2.4. By the way, this version must also be installed before an update to version 5.3 is possible.