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  • Good evening, cyry,

    did you take a look within your ACP with regard to this option:

    ACP => Display => Languages => List Languages

    When you're within this tab, take a look at the already installed language templates.

    That means, you should check whether there's German and English installed. If not, the missing template/s has/have to be added and then you can translate the title as wished for.

    Maybe that option can settle your problem?

    Regards by
    Gabbid :coffee:

  • Ok, that would suggest that the English templates would have to be added. In order to check on that via trial, you could try this within your testing surrounding:

    1) Extract the package.
    2) Visit the ACP => Contents => Add language
    3) Click on "Import language data"
    4) Click on "Choose data" respectively "Search"
    5) Choose the extracted English xml-file.

    After doing this, the template could be overridden by the English terms.

    However, please check on that in your testing surrounding and not within the live system, ok? Just to be on the safe side. ;)