cls-design: Welcome to our newly updated website!

  • Hi and welcome everbody!

    Welcome to the renovated website of cls-design. A lot is new, much is known, the biggest change will be the new shop. Because we stick with tried and tested products, we fell back on the VieCode shop in its latest version.

    The biggest innovation is likely to be the elimination of the double login: Anyone can download his/her products now directly out from the forum account.

    What else is there to discover? Actually not much exciting, we have retired WordPress and have insert instead WoltLab's Community Blog.

    Moreover, the path of the domain has changed slightly, the support forum is now under:

    / community/instead of/forum /

    to be reached. All the links should actually be redirected automatically.

    We have summarized all commercial products (styles and addons) in a forum:…-the-cls-design-products/

    As mentioned already in the other post, the shifting was necessary in the short term because the legal framework conditions have changed. As a result of that, errors can still occur occasionally. The best way is to write here directly in this topic errors and problems, we'll take care of them as soon as possible.

    Apart from that, still enjoy staying on our pages.

    Regards by the
    cls-design team

  • Hey keith65,

    thanks a lot, we're appreciating that. :)

    Starting from now on, we'll be offering multilanguage here, so you and other customers/users hopefully can participate and understand certain contents better. We've already inserted the general translations concerning the forums and the likes, whereas Cr@@gle is including the English translations for his addons into the appropriate forums. Thus all the tutorials and configurational aspects will be also offered in English.

    In case I missed to translate a needed text or HowTo - just let me know. Feel free to note your ideas or wishes here, I'll take a look at it and prepare a translation.

    Enjoy exploring the new forum, a happy new year beforehand and

    regards by
    Gabbid :coffee: