Offer: I sell my WBB 4.0 license

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  • Please, can an admin close this thread?.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Oh damn, forget it dude, woltlab transfer fee is 16 usd, plus the vat, so I think I am keeping my license :(.

  • You won't have any problems buying my license, I bought it for 89 euros, and I have barely used my forum, that's why I am selling it, you just have to create an account in woltlab I guess and I just click on Transfer, I think it must be easy.

  • I could get rid off this license for 35 euros, but not less, and you can extend it for 30-40 euros more, so you'll save some money.

  • Yes of course, like Jackob said, you can extend it.

  • Is the license allowed to update?