Should there be a second, lighter version of the style "Core"?

  • Should there be also a lighter version for the style "Core"? 3

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    Hi everbody :)

    Due to some customer feedback, the question has arisen whether there might be not a second, light or lighter variant of the "Core" design. These requests and feedback can be found e.g. here:

    Core für Burning Board 4 erschienen
    Core für Burning Board 4 veröffentlicht

    The question is whether such a variant is now really desired by many people or if these are just single, individual opinions. In order to obtain a more precise and clearer picture of these opinions, we would ask all those people interested and the customers to participate in the here attached survey. Everyone can decide freely, needn't feel compelled to vote for a Yes and afterwards we'll be able to decide, depending on the result.

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    Gabbid (Gabi) :coffee:

  • Hi everbody,

    the results of this survey - especially the one for the German users/customers - was quite clear in a positive way. The German users/customers voted with a number of 68% in favor of a lighter version (here's the German survey and its results: Soll es für das Design "Core" eine zweite, hellere Variante geben?)

    After talking it over with Tom I can offer you this piece of information:

    The lighter variant for "Core" - codename "Core Light" - will be prepared and offered here at

    Parts of the implementation are already finished, Tom will wade quickly into the rest and this style version will be released before others, new designs.

    I can't give you an exact date concerning the release, but I think in roughly 4-6 weeks there will be more to say. This slack time is given deliberately (more) generous in order to give Tom some scope for other tasks that have to be carried out as well.

    As soon as there is more to say, it will do by one of us and we hope that the lighter version will catch on with you. :)

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