User Panel DB

  • Since the menu already has the property "display: flex" you can use order to organize it:

    or more specific:

    1. #userMenu {
    2. order: 3;
    3. }
    4. #userNotifications {
    5. order: 2;
    6. }
    7. #unreadConversations {
    8. order: 1;
    9. }

    And so on…

  • One last thing, I was trying to replace the favicon of the Control Panel Dropdown but have no idea how to do it, at the moment I have a code for replacing the JCoins Image but that recalls an image stored in my webhosting and cannot figure out how to replace the fa-user to fa-address-card-o without actually changing the templates (unless thats easier, but can't find the right template)

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