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  • SmartBox – BBCode

    The SmartBox BBcode is a further developement of the popular box BBCodes by cls-design. This further development was necessary as the old BBcode did no longer meet our demands. Moreover, we'd like use again the multiple BBcodes with this new development, which wasn't possible in WBB4. In the following we'll show you all the functions in an overview and will also always refer to changes to its predecessor.

    BBCode Tag

    With the new development something fundamental has changed in the BBcode, namely that the BBcode tag "box" turned to "sbox". This is due to the fact, as mentioned above, to make the plugin again compatible with other BBcodes, which were part of WBB4/WCF2, but not compatible. Example for the BBcode: [sbox=rot] text [/sbox]

    Revision of colors

    Additionally, we've revised and slightly varnished the known colors (red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, white, black) in the course of the further development. We did so in order to turn the BBcode into a more contemporary and also more attractive one, as the colors are now somewhat stronger and clearer as the former ones.

    Example for the BBcode:

    • [sbox=color] text

    Hex Code use

    A lot has also happened with the new development in the case of using hex codes in the BBcode. We've tried to simplify the use in such a way that you only have to give the hex code and no longer the addition hex. As a result, the BBcode of [box = hex, #fff] turned to [sbox = #fff]. In this context we've also created the possibility to set a color gradient. To do so, you only have to set another hex code behind the first one, separated by comma, and then you'll receive a color gradient.

    Example for the BBcode:

    • [sbox=main color, color for the color gradient] text [/sbox]

    Positioning of the box

    As already included within the predecessor, there is again the possibility to display the box on the left or right hand side of the text. We haven't changed anything within this function, so it can be used like before.

    Example for the BBcode:

    • [sbox=rot,Position] text [/sbox]

    Optional packages

    In order to make it easier to adapt existing posts to the new BBcode tag, we've developed two optional packages that manage this task. The two packages are to be used for the blog and the forum, modifying the tag of "box" to "sbox" in the text and if you should have used hex codes, the word hex will be also deleted from the BBcode. It is important to keep in mind that, depending on how many posts are within the forum/blog, this update can take a certain time! You can find the option under System - Maintenance - Update display

    All functions in an overview

    • Predefined colors (red, yellow, blue, green, black, ... => [sbox = color])
    • Positional choice between left and right next to the text (left, right => [sbox = color, position], always at the end of the code!)
    • Hex code uses ([sbox = hexCode])
    • Hex code use with a color gradient ([sbox=hexCode, hexcode])