WBB 4 + WoltLab Suite 3.0 Core

Core, the extravagant community design for your Burning Board 4, drawing attention to your forum by means of interesting effects and subtle textures.

Core - a style series for all admirers of dark colors and subtle effects. The menu is implemented by means of large buttons with individual icons. A shift to a more compact, but thus longer version, is possible. Moreover, the menu and userpanel can be toggled any time via a switch to a space-saving version.

The menu and button width can be adapted due to your own needs. As known from other styles, here the menu bar can be also expanded with own content such as additional buttons or other content.

The style is topped off by a distinctive font and textures given in the grunge look. Graphics, the logo and the header height can be also adapted to your own preferences. The search panel and the language menu have been redesigned and do now fit seamlessly into the look of the userpanel.

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  • Core
    EUR 19.90


  • Update access
    EUR 9.90
  • Installation Service
    EUR 14.90
  • Branding Free Licenc
    EUR 24.90
  • Expansion Package
    EUR 9.90

Price excluding sales tax

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5 different colors

The style series is available in 5 different colors that are all included in the basic price.

Replaceable background

The appearance of the style can be changed easily with an own background.

Customizable header height

The header can be adjusted as desired.

Navigation in a sidebar look

The navigation is on the left in a vertical form.

Animated 'glow' effect

To emphasize the color contrast, the style series has a built-in effect that appears to be glowing in certain places.

Exposed components

Based on CSS-customizations, functional elements of the style series appear to be exposed and curved.

Modified header section

It provides space for advertisements, texts etc., includes the userpanel and the highlighted navigation.

Subtle patterns

Different graphical patterns bestow the style series its elegant character.

Extravagant userpanel

This consists of a built-in drop-down menu with icons for the control functions.
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  • Besser geht es nicht

    Ich nutze diesen Stile seid der 3,0 Version.

    Mehr geht einfach nicht für das Geld. Man kann einiges rausholen und umbauen .

    Ich habe mir die Band Free gekauft .

    Super genial sehr zufrieden und Übersichtlich. 5 Farben ein Stile.

    Liebe Grüße


  • Spitzen Produkt

    Ich hatte mir für mein WBB 4.1 einen eigenen dunklen Stil "gebastelt".
    Nun wollte ich einen Stil vom Profi und habe mir bei CLS-Design Core Blue gekauft.
    Ein absolut spitzen Stil, der von meinen Usern sofort angenommen wurde.

  • Schön und Übesichtlich

    Das Stil ist sehr gut gelungen sowie übersichtlich und auch einfach auf die eigenen ansprüche anzupassen auch wenn ich am anfang mit den badges problehme hatte ist dieses Stil trotzdem sehr einfach anzupassen
    Auch die Bestellung lief einwandfrei und der Support ist soweit auch Super.

    WBB Version 3.1

    Webseite: https://gamingzone.pro



  • Core 5.5.2

  • Core 5.4.0

    WoltLab Suite 5.4
  • Core 5.2.0

    WoltLab Suite 5.2 / 5.3
  • Core 3.1.1

    WoltLab Suite 3.1
  • Core 3.0.1

    WoltLab Suite 3.0