Patch Day 18.12.2019 - Premumstyles and style packages

The following styles received an update that fixes several minor bugs:


- Mobile search on iOS works again

- Templates have been updated (Thirdpartylogin)

- Menu optimisation


- Templates have been updated (Thirdpartylogin)


- Template error corrected (Breadcrumberror Landingpage)

For styles a manual troubleshooting (see linked topics) or a new installation is recommended.

Style packages for all styles

The style packages received the following changes:

- Fixed a bug that could cause a fatal error during registration.

- The clock now shows the server time

- All packages have been adapted to WoltLab Suite 5.2

The style packages can be updated or downloaded via the update server:

Style Helper Package

Language package

jQuery CookieLib

An update of the style packages is strongly recommended.