Update access

Update access allows for access to a version with new features and a version for a new version of WoltLab Suite.

When do I need update access?

You need update access if you have purchased an older version, but want to use the latest version.


You have purchased a style for Burning Board 4 and want to use it now for WoltLab Suite?

You're using an extension in version1.x, but want to use the latest version 2.x with other functions?

Consequently, in both cases you must have update access.

When do I don't need update access?

You don't need update access if you only want to use the version you have purchased. Getting free updates for bug fixes are included within the license price.


You buy a style or an extension with the version number 2.0. You will receive all updates of the 2.x release line free of charge: 2.0.1, 2.1, 2.2, etc.

Where can I purchase an update for my product?

Go to the page "My account" and then on the bottom "Licenses". There, you select the "Add license" option for the product you want to update and acquire the license extension "Update access for a year".

Further questions?

If you feel unsure, let us know, we're gladly at your disposal beforehand by means of providing information.