Patch Day 31.12.2019 - Premiumstyles

Styles which are suitable for WoltLab Suite 5.2 now also have the version number 5.2. If you need styles for older versions you have to load them from the customer account:

Styles for WoltLab Suite 3.0 = Styles version 3.0.x

Styles for WoltLab Suite 3.1 = Styles version 3.1.x

Styles for WoltLab Suite 5.2 = Styles Version 5.2.x

The packages are updateable, but we strongly recommend a new installation. For customers who have removed the style protection, instructions how to manually adapt styles to WoltLab Suite 5.2 will follow within the next days.

It is possible to use styles of version 3.1.x in WoltLab Suite 5.2, but we strongly advise against it and recommend an update or a manual adjustment.

With this our product updates for WoltLab Suite 5.2 are finished for the time being. After the free products, the premium apps, all premium styles are now available in a compatible version for WoltLab Suite 5.2.

Problems and errors have to be reported in the corresponding support forums