WoltLab Suite Base

Base, the elegant community design for your Burning Board 4, drawing attention to your forum via subtle effects.

A style series is available with "Base", exuding elegance and generating attention by means of subtle effects. All menu items are equipped with large and unique icons. A registration request in the header section can be displayed or hidden for guests. For members, the displaying of statistics in the header area can be also globally displayed or hidden. Moreover, menu and userpanel can be toggled in "Base" into a compact representation.

The search has been integrated into the userpanel as a space-saving feature, allowing the userpanel to offer enough space for many addons. Of course, logo and backgrounds in "Base" can be changed as usual and customized to your own preferences.

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  • Base
    EUR 19.90


  • Update access
    EUR 9.90
  • Installation Service
    EUR 14.90
  • Branding Free Licenc
    EUR 24.90
  • Expansion Package
    EUR 9.90

Price excluding sales tax

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5 different colors

The style series is available in 5 different colors that are all included in the basic price.

Customizable header height

The header can be adjusted as desired.

Adaptation to mobile devices

All of our styles are adapted to mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

Readout in the header

The date and time are displayed in the header.

Configurable statistics user bar

To be able to adjust yourself how you want to display the statistics of users.

Navigation in a sidebar look

The navigation is on the left in a vertical form.
  • Base 5.5.2

  • Base 5.4.0

    WoltLab Suite 5.4
  • Base 5.2.0

    WoltLab Suite 5.2 / 5.3
  • Base 3.1.1

    WoltLab Suite 3 .1
  • Base 3.0.1

    WoltLab Suite 3.0
  • Base 2.1.0

    WoltLab Burning Board 4.1
  • Base 2.0.0

    WoltLab Burning Board 4.0