Patch Day 10.12.2019 - Free Products

First of all, not all free products made it in WoltLab Suite 5.2, contrary to what had been announced. Some extensions are not available in a compatible version. Meanwhile you can directly see the title for which version of WoltLab Suite an extension is suitable.

Discontinued, free Extensions

Local Google Fonts

There are solutions from others that are better.


There are solutions from others that are better.


You can also map this plugin with the functions of WoltLab Core, no extension is necessary.


This function has now been built into WoltLab Core.

If somebody needs an update, please contact us.

Updates and Bugfixes

Userranks Canvas

Userranks Berry

Userranks Element

Userranks Passion




Layout Expansion Kit

Mark forums as read - mobile

Donation Box


Updates, Bugfixes and New Features


The dark version already known from Burning Board 4 is now available here.


There are now 10 bars possible, 5 more than before.

Update Recommendation

Updates are strongly recommended for all installations as minor bugs have been fixed almost everywhere and a later update to WoltLab Suite 5.2 can be done without problems. For further information please read the description on the individual pages.