WoltLab Burning Board

WoltLab Burning Board is a modern PHP application that allows for setting up an online-community or a discussion platform. The software Burning Board is the backbone for any platform as it offers the structural and functional elements that are required by the later administrators or users (e.g. forums, categories, message function, etc.). WoltLab Burning Board, abbreviated as WBB, is in its basic form (package installation) installed on your own webspace or webserver and also operated there. After the installation you already have an usable platform or a starting point for your customizations.

This customizations can now be within the range of designs and plugins. This means that you can adjust your installed WBB in such a way that it corresponds to your plans and ideas. cls-design as a WBB-supporting platform offers numerous extensions in the forum's own shop, ensuring that your project gets its unique flair. Whether design, plugin, logo creation or the specific design adjustment - in the cls-design community you'll receive competent advise and help, if there are technical problems or special requests. Thus, you can visually and functionally suit or expand your plans.

To be able in advance to assess whether the software is the right one for your plans, you can test prior to the acquisition of the manufacturer, WoltLab GmbH, a no-obligation demo installation. The same also applies to the products by cls-design: you can use all styles and plugins in their respective demo forums, by finding the appropriate links for this on the product pages.

If the decision for WBB and also for a product from the house of cls-design is made, you'll purchase products that are exclusively aligned to each other. That means, community software, style or plugin, the products are NOT compatible with other PHP applications, such as WordPress, Joomla, vBulletin, etc.

Please see for more details the following pages:

The developer of the community software: WoltLab GmbH: WoltLab GmbH

The online demo Burning Board 4: No longer available

The user-community to the community software: WoltLab Community: WoltLab Community

Your design and plugin-shop about WBB extensions: cls-design Shop

Our own user and support-community: cls-design Community

Meanwhile Burning Board has reached the end of its development and support time and should be updated to its successor, Woltlab Suite Core, as soon as possible.