Terms of Use

No attacks

Personal attacks won't be tolerated here! If you disagree, then do it in a careful and respectful way. Abstain from personal insults, abuse, libel, etc.

Mode of expression

Mind to write friendly and above all understandable. This includes a clear formatting, proofreading before submitting and the use of small and capital letters. Vulgar and obscene language is forbidden.

Posts unwanted in the forum

  • Spam
  • Crossposting (identical posts simultaneously in multiple forums)
  • Multiple posts with the same content
  • Flame (attacking users, moderators and the administrator)
  • Posts deliberately aimed to disturb the peace of the forum
  • Legally questionable contributions (NS-propaganda, links to porn sites, etc.)
  • Posts only referring to Google (or a search engine) or the forum search
  • Questions and answers about illegal operations

Piracy and copyrights

It is not permitted to ask questions in the forum concerning un-licensed copies or to offer them for sale. Furthermore, it is not permitted to pubslish copyright-protected works in the forum that don't belong to a member.

Report function

Please support the forum team in their work and report posts that violate the forum rules.

Account deletion/blocking

There is no claim by registered users or former registered users to ensure that posts or the entire membership (account) will be deleted afterwards. A new registration in the forum is prohibited in case of a cancellation or permanent blocking.


Each user may register/have only one account. In case of a violation, all accounts are blocked, if necessary permanently.

Consequences of non-compliance

Repeated violations of the above rules can result in a temporary or permanent writing lock.


Advertizing for products and services as well as links to other commercial style-/plugin services are forbidden within the entire forum (posts, threads, signatures, profiles and personal messages). Official partners of cls-design are excluded.


A new registration in the forum is prohibited to holders of blocked accounts. All newly created accounts will be blocked without comment.