Secure Trading

  • All styles in the store are only suitable for WoltLab Suite 5.5. Versions for WoltLab Suite 6.0 will follow shortly. Further information...
  • All styles in the store are not suitable for WoltLab Cloud installations and will not run without customization. Further information...

Trading with licenses is based on mutual trust. Either the trader offers advance payment and consigns the license, or the buyer offers advance payment and thus, pays in advance. In case you're unsure, rather quit the trade.

Please mind the following hints while trading:

1. Greed gormandizes brains

No one has nothing to give away, neither you nor any other person. Unusual prices are an indicator for possible problems. The current actual value concerning licenses reads as follows:

  • Burning Board 4: 20 – 30 EUR
  • WoltLab Suite 3.0: 40 – 50 EUR
  • WoltLab Suite 3.1: 50 – 65 EUR

Anyone offering you a Burning Board 3 license for 15 EUR? Or a Burning Board 4 license for 30 EUR? That's extremely unlikely, you should be careful. If someone wants to lure by means of extremely cheap prices, rather refuse.

2. Trading with unknown persons

Be careful as well when there's abolutely nothing you know about the other person. Check, whether the person is active either here or within the WoltLab forum. Be careful if someone has newly registered and thus, has no customer label within the WoltLab forum.

Better you look for licenses from those people who are active and are known "by sight" from various forums. Here, those users exhibiting a customer label have purchased at least here without a problem.

3. License transfer

It's not enough if you've just received any packed archive after purchasing. Thus, you don't possess a valid license and can get possibly into trouble. In order to obtain a valid license, one of the following scenarios has to come into being:

  • You'll receive the access data for an account, exhibiting a valid license
  • The license will be transfered to your existing account

4. Take your time

If someone is in a tearing hurry and tries to urge you into trading (e.g.: "I do also have other interested parties, trade now or forget it."), then rather refuse this trading. There's no need for hurry, other opportunies will show up.

5. Paypal

Digital goods are explicitily barred from buyer and seller protection. Accordingly, it's anything but safe that you'll receice refund in case of problems.

Paypal offers meanwhile also a buyer protection with problems with digital goods, further information is to be found on the sides of Paypal.